Route Shipping Insurance

Patchwork Fields now offers Route Shipping Insurance on ALL orders at checkout 

Route covers basically ANY and all shipping mishaps. Misdelivery, stolen, lost, or damaged packages 100%.

Should your order not arrive or arrives damaged, you can choose a refund or replacement order by making a claim directly on their app or website. This is all done through Route!

I would advise you to download their app, where you can make your claims and see notifications about your deliveries.

For orders under $99 and under, it's only $0.98 cents to cover your package with insurance! Orders over $100 will be charged 1.5% of your order total. That's IT!

Should you choose to decline coverage, Patchwork Fields can not help recover or replace your order if something goes wrong. Spend the extra dollar (or few dollars) and make sure you're covered!

This is a new service we're offering, so there will be a learning curve for us, but we hope this will eliminate any victims of stolen packages or packages that go missing due to USPS.