Clothing Care

Proper clothing care is so important in order to get the longest life out of your clothes and avoid damaged items. If your going to spend money on new clothes, take a little extra time to care for them and make them last.

Before I owned a boutique, I never even looked at the clothing label to see the proper care. I just threw everything in and washed it all the same. But, I have learned the hard way from ruining a few things that some clothing items do have recommended care for a reason.

Some boutique clothing does tend to be more delicate but you would actually be surprised how many clothing items recommend special care if you look at the labels. I want you guys to get the most life out of your clothes, and not just the ones you buy from my boutique. Here are some simple rules to follow when washing your clothes to help them last longer.

Handwashing items
1. If it recommends handwashing, you will get the most life out of your clothing by following these instructions. Some items such as sweaters, items with tassels, lace, crochet or other fine details just don't hold up well in the wash and can get damaged. However, many items that recommend handwashing do hold up well when a gentler wash setting is used. 

Always use delicate cycle
2. If you are not going to follow handwashing recommended items, always use delicate cycle and wash in cold water. I myself am not one to handwash things because honestly I just don't have the time. But, I understand by doing so that items may not wear well in the wash, may get damaged or not last as long had I followed handwashing instructions. You can purchase garment bags to use in the wash and this is also gentler on your clothes.

Avoid throwing everything in the dryer!!
3. The dryer is so bad for your clothes!! Especially high heat settings. Always hang your clothes flat to dry. Once the clothes are dry, I recommend lightly steaming wrinkled items if you own a steamer. If you don't own a steamer or don't have time, I recommend putting them in the dryer (once completely dry) just for about 5 minutes or on a very low heat setting to fluff them. Prior to paying attention to care labels, I have turned a few too many dresses into shirts by throwing them in the dryer. This was super disappointing for me so I hope this tip can save you guys a few mishaps of your own. 

I generally wash everything on gentle cycle in cold water and lay flat to dry. I have had pretty good luck with these care instructions for most of the clothing I own. But, as I mentioned some items with finer details really do need that extra care.

Ultimately, the decision is yours how to choose to care for your clothing but I hope this helps educate you to get the most life out of your clothes. You work hard for your money so if you are going to spend money on clothes, make a little extra effort to take care of them. As always, if you have any questions, you can email us at